Shark Dive Experience

Dive with sharks - change local lives!

Location: Blue Planet Aquarium, Ellesmere Port

Dates: various dates available on request.

Price: £100 + minimum fundraising target £250*


(*subject to minimum of 6 participants taking part. If you cannot meet the fundraising target you will be required to make up the additional balance).


If you’ve always wanted to get up close and personal with underwater giants, then this is the experience for you!

The Shark Dive Experience is open to absolutely anyone wanting to dive straight in and see these magnificent creatures up close. From age years 8+ and no experience is required!


What does it involve?

Complete beginners will be taught basic dive techniques by a highly qualified and experienced team, before coming face to face with a collection of 10ft Sand Tiger Sharks!

There is no cage – just an awesome, unforgettable experience!

Included in the cost is free admission for 2 spectators per diver (additional spectators can purchase their ticket on the day upon arrival with 20% off the usual admission prices).


Medical criteria

As with all dive experiences, participants are required to complete a medical questionnaire prior to diving. Click here to download the Shark Encounter 2023 medical form.

N.B. If you answer yes to questions 3, 5 or 10 on page 1 of the PADI medical form, or any of the questions on page 2 then we would require the physicians form to be signed by a GP or doctor to confirm you are fit to dive.


Sign me up

To register* your interest or sign up for this challenge, please email julie.jackson@ageconcernliverpoolandsefton.org.uk or call 07774 751 437


*You will need to complete and email the medical form above to us when registering for the challenge.