The Hamlets Care Home

The Hamlets Care Home is a highly specialised facility for people aged 50+ who have a functional mental health diagnosis and need high levels of care and support to live a fulfilling life. ​
Our staff provide around the clock care and support for people with conditions such as; paranoia, schizophrenia, Korsakov’s Syndrome, severe depression etc.

The Hamlets enables residents to live as independent and fulfilling a life as possible within the care home setting. This is service is provided by referral only. Referrals are usually made by a Psychiatrist.

View the detailed Care Quality Commission Report here.


The Hamlets Care Home is located in Mersey Parks, 99 Mill Street, Liverpool, L8 5XW.

For further information call 0151 330 5678.

Email mail@ageconcernliverpoolandsefton.org.uk

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